Street Photography

Expanding on my observational documentary heritage, street photography stills have become something of an obsession of mine.


With my Leica M now permanently welded to my neck, I wonder the world, blessed with a job that lays a lot of international travel my way, capturing stills of those I pass, their lives and thoughts laid bare, unawares of their image being taken.


Through Instagram I have coupled these documentary stills with short fictional takes on the lives and loves of those I capture.


Many hundreds more can be seen on Instagram: @oliverwarren

June 6th 2017, The Day After the Terror Attack, London Bridge
Like Hawks, Buzzards, well, if I’m honest, Pigeons, we circled the bridge for scraps of the story. 📸


May 13th 2017, Midtown Manhattan
Across the street, her nemesis idled… across her mind, her vengeance brewed. 📸


April 24th 2017, London Underground
“Not here, not here” he begged, desperate to calm his pulse, to ground his mind; but the crush of morning breath and bouquet of deodorant brought all of it flashing back. 📸


February 9th 2017, 7th Street
The snowflakes masked his tear-stained face. Not that he cared. He wore his compassion with pride and his outrage vocal: Devos, Sessions, Bannon… really? 📸


January 20th 2017, The Inauguration, Washington DC
I believe it, more than ever. 📸


November 6th 2016, Manhattan Bridge
What waited at home was almost worse than that which he’d left at school. 📸